Umcolcus Camps

Deer Hunting at Umcolcus

Maine Deer HuntingThe forest around Umcolcus Sporting Camps and the Oxbow area are home to some very impressive Whitetail deer. The habitat has supported and nurtured some of thse deer into Trophy Bucks. Dressed weight of thse bucks can be 200 pounds or considerably more. The terrain that these big boys live in can be some dense and rough territory, but this is "home" to these big bucks. This habitat has allowed them to become what they are - "Trophy Bucks".


Umcolcus Sporting Camps welcomes you and will assist you in any way we can to help make your hunt enjoyable and a successful one. We have hunting stands located in some of these select areas for our hunters' use. For those of you who have a little more patience, persistence and perseverance your reward could be one of these special Trophies.


Maine Deer HuntingArchery Season: October
Firearm Season: November
Muzzleloader: Week immediately following the firearm season


Two (2) articles of blaze orange clothing are required - one must be a hat, other can be a vest, jacket or poncho.



American Plan: $750/person/week

Housekeeping Plan: $350/person/week


Black Powder Hunt (1st week of December - 4 Hunters minimum)

American Plan: $750/person/weekly

Housekeeping: $350/person/weekly


Rates subject to 8% Maine Sales Tax