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Umcolcus Sporting Camps - Testimonials

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Karl Davis

Karl Davis

Winter 2024 - Sherborn, MA

Our group has snowmobiled the northeast for over a decade and our Umcolcus experience was probably our collective favorite. Jeff & Lori create a comfortable and welcoming vibe, the main lodge is stunning, and the food is ridiculous..(it's probably an insult to call it "food") featuring hand-made everything. The coffee pot and fresh juice was available early and often, and every small detail about our stay was incredible, including the sunrise view from the porch of our cabin. Thank you so much (Brent, too, what a guy and worker)...we will be back for sure.

William Presby

Fall 2023

We arrived at the camp on Sunday afternoon. We were checked into our cabin by Adam the lodge manager and Lisa the cook. They were both very friendly and accommodating. After settling into our cabin which was very comfortable, we met at the lodge for supper (steak, potatoes, Brussel sprouts in a cream sauce, salad and dessert). After dinner we went over basic safety rules and expectations for the hunt. Monday morning came and we got started early. We hunted for 12.5 hours without seeing a moose. We got back to the lodge around 6:45 with dinner waiting. We had ham, mac and cheese, vegetable medley, salad and dessert. It was excellent! Tuesday morning, we got up and had breakfast strategized again and headed out with Jeff. We saw one moose in the morning in a swampy area about 100-150 yards off. She saw us before we saw her and took off running, no shot. We did not see another Moose the rest of the day. 12 plus hours even though there was sign everywhere we went. We got back to the lodge and had roast beef, mashed potatoes, noodles and mushroom cream sauce, salad and dessert. Another fabulous meal! Wednesday was a cool brisk morning and Ryan our second guide had a plan to hunt a new area. Irving paper land off of the grand lake rd. That morning we saw 3 Bull Moose together at a crest of a hill perfectly silhouetted against the skyline. Later that morning we saw 2 cows trotting across a clear cut, up a ridge to the tree line before Ryan got them to stop with a Moose grunt. I put my scope on the lead cow but before I could pull the trigger, she moved into the tree line. Opportunity lost! That night I was second guessing myself because of the delay in taking the shot by first confirming that it was a cow Moose. I needed 5 more seconds. The rest of the day we hunted hard but did not see another Moose. We arrived back at the lodge at 7:00pm, dinner was waiting, spaghetti, meatballs, sausage, salad and dessert. The meal was very satisfying after a long day of hunting. Next morning, we got up and breakfast Ryan decided to bring us back the same area Grand Lake Rd. It was a good decision because I spotted 2 Moose in a swamp 50 yards off of the road. I got out and after confirmation from Ryan that it was a cow Moose dropped it. I cannot thank Jeff, Adam, Ryan, Chuck, and Lisa enough for the great fellowship, conversations, hard work, dedication, and especially the cooking and food that we enjoyed while on this Moose hunt. I will be back! Bill Presby, Jon Presby, and Dennis Poisson. 

Will Perusse

Will Perusse

September 2023. Bull Moose hunt - Westbrook, Me

Wow! I didn’t know that Maine has gold! Umcolcus sporting camps is gold! I booked a guided moose hunt based off reviewing the website and hoped for the best. Was I ever impressed when we pulled into the compound. I knew right away that I made the right choice. This place is as secluded as anyone could want in “the county:”. Be advised, secluded does not mean no amenities. Umcolcus exceeded all my expectations. Our clean, private, roomy and comfortable cabin was perfect for our needs. The babbling brook, 10 feet from cabin lulled me to sleep every night. All the staff was amazing. Everyone there will bend over backwards to help. Lisa’s meals were off the charts. Gourmet meals off the grid! Amazing. You will not leave hungry, guaranteed. She is an amazing chef and a great person all around. My guide, Adam, was professional, friendly, extremely knowledgeable hard working and was perfect for me. I like to think I have a new hunting friend. Adam understood exactly what I was looking for and also made accommodations concerning my health. End result: I got exactly the bull I was meant to have, and I couldn’t be happier. Turned into the hunt of a lifetime. This guy knows what he is doing and does it extremely well. Thanks again Adam! If you are considering booking a stay with Umcolcus, do not hesitate. Whatever your reason for going, you will not be disappointed. They all exceed expectations. Jeff Fay (owner) runs a “tight ship" and it shows well. The entire crew seemed happy and content, like they really enjoy what they do. Can’t ask for more than that. I can’t remember when I have been so impressed. Thank you all! I absolutely cannot wait to return for a bear hunt or just some time away from all the hassles of regular life. Perfect place to meditate or just get in touch with your spiritual side. If you are lucky enough to book with Umcolcus, you will not be disappointed! Thank you all for a hunting week I will never forget!! ?????????? Will Perusse

Laurie Colton

2023 - Maine

Love this place! It’s clean and we always feel a warm welcome when we arrive. The food is amazing! It’s a great place to see old friends and meet ones. We’ll be back!  Laurie Colton - Maine

Alexia Gregoire

March 2023 - Maine

Umcolcus Sporting Camps hosted our surprise elopement on March 11, 2023! From the first time I visited the Umcolcus by sled I always wanted to spend a weekend and experience all that was offered with them and this trip we did that and more! I reached out with an idea and Jeff, Lori, Lisa & Adam welcomed us in and helped coordinate a fantastic weekend in the woods! The camps are traditional sporting camps that are meticulously maintained, upkept and exceptionally clean! Stream Camp was warm and inviting and Lisa even left us a sweet note and champagne to welcome us. After we settled in we enjoyed a quick ride on our sleds adventuring the vast territory surrounding the Camp and seeing the sights. Dinner was at 6pm and boy it didn't disappoint! Prime rib cooked perfectly, garlic smashed potatoes & roasted brussel sprouts with a balsamic glaze. WOW! Lisa and Adam know how to cook a home cooked meal that screams traditional sporting camps! And lets not forget the strawberry shortcake with homemade biscuits for dessert <3 Of course it didn't end there! Breakfast was french toast and all the fixings and looking at our plates you would have thought we were eating something right out of Down East Magazine! You eat with your eyes first, right?! Our special day was everything we could have imagined! Jeff, Lori, Lisa & Adam made sure no detail was missed and everything went off without a hitch! Adam even freshly groomed the access trail and blocked off the trail from incoming traffic during our "I do's" so everyone was safe and the moment wasn't interrupted. We can't thank them enough for everything they did and continue to do! What a special place Umcolcus Sporting Camps is and aways will be to us. We HIGHLY recommend everyone books with them if even for a night, it is totally worth it and you won't be disappointed!  Alexia Gregoire - Maine 

Justin Davidson

Fall 2022 - Texas

My long time travel buddy and his son went on a fall Black bear hunt with the Spaulding Lake outfitters in Sept of 2022. The lodge is amazing, being off the grid, makes this place ideal to get away from the hustle of life and be away from emails and cell phone service until you want to- the main lodge as wifi, cell service and satellite tv. so you can get connected on your terms. The cabins are clean, and very comfortable, and for the most part you are with your group and can keep to yourself if you want to. the entire facility is located in the middle of the North Maine timber lands along side a creek with fishing and kayaking available. As far as the food goes, Just be prepared to gain some weight. The cook is the hardest working person in the place, she is the first one up and the last one to bed most nights, and the food is always good. My only complaint was that we Missed the LOBSTA!! but Lisa did a good job of making up for it. As far as the BEAR hunting and the guides- Top notch- Listen to what they say on Sunday during the orientation, Take scent control serious and you will most likely be successful. But it is hunting- no guarantees. there were two bears killed out of the three hunters in my group, I shot mine with a Mathews bow at 16 yds, Talk about an adrenaline rush. Being a first time Bear hunter, I was not expecting the RUSH- if you had buck fever when you were a kid shooting your first deer, try multiplying that by a thousand when it comes to Bear fever. I will tell you tho, My bear was huge when i shot it, had to of been three hundred pounds, but there is something about the gravitational pull, and the full moon in Maine that it ended up having ground shrinkage and lost quite a bit of weight. Big shout out to Jeff and all the guides and staff. I will be back, and next time I'm bringing the LOBSTA! Update- I cooked my son some bear the Monday we got back, I chicken Fried some of the backstrap- Better than any venison I have ever had- Justin From Texas

Marianne Neptin

Marianne Neptin

Summer 2023 - West Hartford Ct

Girls 4day/3night stay in Moose View and yes, we did see a Moose! We went canoeing and kayaking. Made s'mores on the fire pit. Food was excellent!

Sam Smith

February 21 - Pineville Pa

On a cold afternoon in February one of our snowmobile riders had a terrible life threatening accident. Having no other options I rode to Umcolcus camps and found help. The folks there went way out there way to contact Ems, a nearby game warden and drove to our location to make sure EMS could find him. There was many people who helped, but in no small way their efforts saved our friends life. Words can’t express our appreciation. Thank you Steve and Adam

Tim Martin

Fall 2020 - Fort Fairfield , Maine

My son in law and I spent three nights there. Beautiful location, comfortable and warm and clean cabins, delicious food all you can eat. Jeff and his staff are great anything you need just ask. The guide and his dogs were the best. I can't say enough about the place. Thanks again for a great stay we will be back.

Glenn Smith

Glenn Smith

Winter Feb 2020 - Oxbow

As always gods and hospitality off the charts good. Jeff goes out of his way to make sure you are happy with your experience at Umcolcous sporting camp. It is now on our list of must stays before heading back to everyday life.

Dean O

Dean O

Winter 2020 - Brunswick Maine

My brother and I recently spent Some time at Umcolcus on a snowmobile trip. It was our first time visiting this place and we really enjoyed ourselves. Accommodations are clean and very comfortable. Plenty of great food to eat as well! Everyone made sure we had everything we needed. Definitely plan on a return trip.

Jeff von Schmidt

Fall 2019 - Waretown NJ

My son Jeffrey and I spent a few days hunting with my Brother in Law Glenn Zielinski of Northeast Sporting Arms. I must say, for a place so remote as Umcolcus Sporting Camps I was pleasantly surprised with its overall condition. For a guy from NJ it is certainly a step back in times that I thought did not exist any longer. Abby and Jeff were great and made us fell welcome. Their guide Ernie has many a hunting story you need to ask him about. Certainly look forward to our next trip. Jeff von Schmidt

Dave M orton

Fasll 2019 - Casco, Maine

Stayed at Umcolcus camps on an unguided Moose hunt October 2019. Accommodations were clean and comfortable, the warm showers after a long day in the woods were great. Jeff and Abby were great hosts and expertise offered by guide Steve was most helpful. A very picturesque location.

Glenn W. Zielinski - Northeast Sporting Arms

Summer 2019 - Oxford,Conn.

My wife and I spent a few days at Umcolcus Sporting Camps in Oxbow ,ME early July 2019. The camp is very picturesque and relaxing at this time of year. The grounds were very clean and well manicured.Abby and Jeff were very accommodating and welcoming.We ate dinners at the Lodge and the food was not only very tasty but plenty of it as well. I am looking forward to a return Hunting Trip this Fall. Glenn & Colleen Zielinski

John Pelletier

Spring 2019 - Winterport, ME

We rode into the Umcolcus Sporting Camps this past snowmobiling season and were taking by the hospitality of Jeff and Abbie. We new we would need to come back for our annual Memorial weekend fishing trip. The boys were not disappointed with clean cabins, clean showers, and morning coffee with Jeff and Steve trying to find there secret fishing holes. They did not let us down Thanks for the great weekend.

Kevin Green

Kevin Green

winter 2019 - Hedgesville, WV

We stopped here late in the evening after 140 miles of adventure riding on unmarked trails. Wow! We were so happy to find this amazing sporting camp. Arriving unannounced, Jeff & Abbie served us like we were family. Jeff heated up a large cabin for the 4 of us, Abbi cooked us dinner, then we sat next to the fire making some new friends. YES, you should experience this place! They have Internet, 4g Cell booster and satellite TV but you will be too busy enjoying the hospitality, scenery and food. We will be back on our next trip to Northern Maine. See you soon Jeff & Abbie! Your new friends, Kevin, Ethan, Tim & Wayne.

Alan Chamberland

Winter 2019 - St Agatha

Had a great time at Jeff’s cabins . We stayed inMoose View cabin had an awesome weekend ! Great hospitality food was awesome! Definitely will be back!

Jeff and Kathy Trottier

Jeff and Kathy Trottier

Winter 2019 - St. Agatha, Maine

We had a really nice time. The fantastic snowmobile trails along with the Umcolcus signs on every trail, the delicious food, clean cabins and Jeff and Abbie's hospitality were great. Centrally located to ride trails in every direction. Plenty of grooming done in the area. Thank you! We will return!

Chris McGeehan

Chris McGeehan

Winter 2019 - Penns Woods

My friend with sleds booked a cabin for us and my son this past week and we couldn’t have asked for better accommodations. Jeff and his crew made our stay great , this is the place if you’re the type who wants to get away from it all. The trail system connects right to the camp with plenty of destinations within reason.

Andy Fitzpatrick

Sledding Season 2019 - Veazie, Maine

We had been on the snowmobile trails for about 55 miles when we came across the Umcolcus Sporting Camps. All the amenities including fuel, great people, and great food! We will be back with friends this snowmobiling and we look forward to returning in the spring and fall for brook trout and bird hunting! If you have not made a trip to Umcolcus we highly recommend it! It is a beautiful set up sporting camps with all the amenities!

Lorri Nelson

Lorri Nelson

Fall 2018 - Gorham Maine

We checked in Sunday October 21st. We were there for a unguided moose hunt. What an amazing place! The Outback cabin we stayed in was very clean and warm. Anything we needed Jeff was able to help us out. A big shout out to Jeff and his crew for making our stay at Umcolcus sporting camp a memorable experience! Thank you for a great place to stay.

Dean E McNulty Sr

Dean E McNulty Sr

.Deer 2015,2016,2017,2018. Bear 2017,2018 - SHELTON ,Ct

Dear, Jeff I’m writing to thank you along with your great staff for your hospitality and wonderful stay.The trip couldn’t have been better especially the fact that I got the bear that I never dreamed of shooting.The food was outstanding and the accommodations were beyond my expectations. Steve took very good care of my needs during the hunt and a special thanks for his expertise as a Maine guide.Thanks again Jeff.See you in November for my 6th fantastic hunt

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