Umcolcus Camps

This could all be yours!

That’s right, we are for sale. We have owned and operated Umcolcus Sporting Camps for what seems like most of our lives. Although we love the camps, the friends we’ve made along the way, and love “The Way of Life” that it is, we feel it’s time for a younger generation with more energy to continue the tradition. We leave with hopes that the new owners will have the same love of the lifestyle that we have had and to have the drive the make Umcolcus Sporting Camps the potential that it deserves.

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Welcome to Umcolcus Sporting Camps

A Traditional Northern Maine Sporting Lodge

Located in the northern part of Maine's Penobscot County (T8-R6) the Umcolcus Sporting Camps have served sportsmen and vacationers for over three generations (since 1927). Following in the footsteps of his grandfather and father, Al Currier runs the camps with that easy-going charm and humor that is distinctively "Maine". Here, in the North Country, trees are a little taller, forests a bit thicker, winter a mite colder, and people friendlier and fewer.

Umcolcus Sporting Camps


Umcolcus Sporting Camps offer a secluded escape for those seeking an authentic Maine experience whether hunting, fishing, or a family vacation. There's something for everyone.





Umcolcus Sporting Camps


Umcolcus Sporting Camps
Al & Audrey Currier
1243 Oxbow Road
Oxbow, Me. 04764


(207) 435-8000 office or (207) 768-0549 cell