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Maine Whitetail Deer Hunts

Maine Whitetail Hunts
At Umcolcus Sporting Camps our clients will experience whitetail hunting the way it should be.  Our clients have a choice of stand hunting, stalking, or tracking trophy whitetail deer.  Northern Maine experienced extremely harsh winters in the years 2007 and 2010 effecting our deer herd.  Our deer herd as rebounded nicely in the last few years and our Northern Maine bucks are once again thriving.  Northern Maine bucks can achieve weights of 200-300 pounds and can have antlers scoring 150 or better.

Our clients will experience remote wilderness whitetail hunting and Northern Maine scenery daily during their stay and return in the evening to our comfortable lodge some incredible home cooked meals and relaxation.  We will whitetail hunt many different landscapes in Northern Maine from vast wilderness consisting of hardwood ridges, spruce and cedar timber, numerous remote lakes, ponds, and dead waters.  Umcolcus Sporting Camps spends numerous hours scouting deer in Northern Maine and our clients can be assured they will experience Northern Maine whitetail hunting at its very best.

Our Professional Registered Maine Guides are very passionate about whitetail hunting Northern Maine Whitetail, we all have vast knowledge of the country we hunt, excellent at reading sign and tracking big mature whitetail bucks. Come and join us this November and experience a hunt of your lifetime.

Lodge: 207-649-2148

Deer Hunting Packages

Deer Hunting Packages

  • Semi Guided Deer Hunts - 2,400 (min 2 people / max 4 people) price per person.
  • Fully Guided Deer Hunts - 3,500 (1 on 1)

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