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March, 24th, 2018

March 24, 2018 by

Saturday March 24th 2018, Beautiful day partly sunny high around 35 degrees, met up with Al and Audrey Currier at their home in the Oxbow and their grandson Raymond also was to join us. We started out and went down and crossed the Aroostook river and headed out to 10-6 road where we proceeded west towards the Pinkham Road, along the way I noticed many lynx tracks and also Moose sign , we were headed to another remote camp in the North Maine Woods "chandler Lake camps " it would be about a 25 mile ride to this remote location. The reason we are headed there is because 1) I have never been into Chandler Lake camps and 2) Al's grandfather Almon Currier and Roach Adams started the camps back in the early 1900"s , upon arriving at the camps I was impressed by all the beauty it looks to be a wonderful place , they are not open in the winter but it was fun to look around, day dreaming of what the country must have been like in the early 1900"s. After a hour or so we headed back along the way Raymond's sled a older Polaris must have broken the drive chain because it stopped and was fetched up there was oil apparent in the belly pan. Al got the belt off and he proceeded to try and tow it but the track would not turn assuming the drive chain has bound up the track , Al was able to pull it for a mile or so with 3 riders on his sled but soon got to be to much, Abbie and I hooked on the front of Al's sled and helped pull it back to the house, Al and I managed to get the sled loaded on his pickup to take it to get repaired and then we enjoyed a wonderful lunch before returning back to Spaulding Lake.

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